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Abdullah Pokes Fun at Sex Scandal

Sunday, May 08, 2005

(SNN New York)Despite the controversy surrounding him, Crown Prince Abdullah is showing that he can have a sense of humor with a scandal surrounding him.

The Saudi Prince and “American Idol” judge is being investigated for having an affair with a former contestant. Corey Clark claimed this week that Abdullah had an affair with him while he was competing in 2003 and then coached him on how to do better. It is reported that even with Abdullah’s coaching, Clark still sucked.

Despite the controversy, Abdullah made a cameo appearance this weekend on NBCs “Saturday Night Live”. Abdullah announced the opening sketch and briefly appeared again later in the show.

Crown Prince Abdullah is showing that he can have a sense of humor

In addition to Corey Clark, Prince Abdullah has been accused of having an affair with President George W. Bush. Abdullah has called the allegations “lies” and issued a statement Friday expressing “my deepest appreciation” for fans who have expressed their support.

Allegations about Bush and Abdullah flew last week when a tape was released showing the two holding hands and walking through a field of flowers. Abdullah was visiting Bush so the two could come up with a strategy for relieving America’s dependence on foreign television ideas.

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