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Runaway Bride Not Sorry Enough

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

(SNN) Local prosecutors are still working out whether to file charges against Runaway Bride, Jennifer Wilbanks. Wilbanks has admitted to calling police and reporting that she had been kidnapped, a call which kicked off a $60,000 manhunt.

Wilbanks has admitted to calling police and reporting that she had been kidnapped

If she were convicted, the punishment for her crime could be up to a year in jail for a misdemeanor conviction or a possible five-year term for a felony conviction. It has also been mentioned that she could be made fiscally libel for the $60,000 spent on the manhunt.

But before you judge Jennifer Wilbanks, I suggest you take a close look at her fiancé, John Mason. Could you picture that face twisted in the throws of sexual ecstasy? That is a truly frightening prospect.

She was somewhat remorseful for what she had done.

Whether charges are pressed or not may depend on whether prosecutors believe Wilbanks is sorry. Assistant special agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Carter Brank, says, "She was somewhat remorseful for what she had done. She didn't come right out and apologize. She didn't feel like she really had done anything wrong. But she did -- in her way -- make somewhat of an apology." Wow, that image of John Mason just keeps popping up. Could you imaging that face grunting and looming above you every night?

Whether or not Wilbanks has done something wrong, one thing is for certain. While the manhunt might have cost $60,000, the media coverage on Wilbanks has run into the millions. Sadly, for CNN and Fox News, there will be no restitution payments.

I’m sorry. I really can’t continue on. I can’t shake that mental image from my head.

Now that you mention it . . . that face . . . OMG!!

If I have a bad dream tonight I'm suing NewsBlog 5000!! ;-)

Just another thought -- that GBI Special Agent's remarks about the kinda, sorta, half-assed apology may turn out to be one of the stupidest sound-bytes of the year. It has my vote -- at least until Bush's next speech.
I was going to post a comment for a link to the guys face, but I see it shows up when you click to make a comment.

Now I realize why it's not on the main page.
I''ll be back. Later :)
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