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Horse Masturbation Up Among Teens

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

(SNN Waco) Long seen as a paragon of soft spoken grace, on Saturday night, Laura Bush’s show was all blue. At the annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner, Laura showed that she could be as bawdy as the rest of them. But in doing so, did the First Lady go too far?

Did the First Lady go too far?

Now it’s good for everyone to let their hair down from time to time, but in doing so, it is important to remember the implications of the message. Commenting on her husband’s ranching skills, Laura said, "He's learned a lot about ranching since that first year when he tried to milk the horse. What's worse, it was a male horse." This statement has caused many teens to believe that it is ok to masturbate horses.

Police have been kept busy around the President’s home town of Crawford Texas. More than three hundred attacks on horses in area surrounding Waco have been reported in the last 3 days alone, up 50% from last week.

The effects on ranches could be devastating

While it can be hoped that this is a short term trend, the effects on ranches could be devastating. Buster “Clint” Stagger of the Circle K Ranch in Valley Mills says, “The horses, they’re nervous, especially around the young people. My prize stallion Liberty cringes when I touch him, and I can see in his eyes that he just doesn’t trust people any more.”

But many point out that this is just the latest in a string about allegations of horse abuse by the Bush family. These most widely held allegations are laid out in the book ‘Horse of Bush, Horse of Saud’, by Craig Unger. Prince Bandar Bin Sultan has called the allegations “Hogwash”.

It is nice to know our commander and Chief is smart enough to know not to milk a mail horse now.

I will rest easier knowing he controls the largest and worse set of nuclear warheads in the world.
OMG! You're reaching new comic heights and probing untold depths all in the same post!

Stop it! You're killing me!!

No! No! Don't stop it! If I have to go, I want to go laughing.
The really upsetting part is I understand he did not use vasaline or anything. It left the horse with erectile disfunction. I understand there was something about medication for the horse, and now all the mares won't go near the stallion.
You are the biggest bunch if fucking idiots on the planet. Someday when the aliens show up and take over the earth because they see us as an inferior race, it'll be because they were monitoring you morans and just knew they had to put us out of our misery.
okay, someone who actually knows something about zoophilia here to tell you that it is not animal abuse. some people do in fact abuse animals but to view sex as cruel is childish and immature. many zoophilies promote relationships with the animals and the animals enjoy it. i highly suggest reading to understand. these people are full of shit. how the hell can you rape a horse? they outwiegh you by about 1 ton, they could easily kill you with a single blow to the head. these people are morons. the horses are not crying in their stalls about how they were "inappropiately touched" like you would you prudes. i know this from experience. you have to play by thier rules. any one who has ever owned a horse knows that. you can't force it to do anything if it really decides it doesnt want to. the fact that this country is a living contradiction by allowing homosexuals not to have any negative comment whatsoever about them said but will utterly mock and scorn a zoophile just makes me sick.
Yeah! what the last guys said YOU FRIGGIN DILLHOLES. city dwelling sissy boys. Sure Bush has done some poorly thaught out stuff but you whiners arent even bright enough to figure them out.

BTW did anyone else see how far Cobert took that joke? Ooooh it was soooo sexy LoL.

Horses enjoy it, people do too , get over it. City dwellers.

Bush has done every thing he has ever said he would do and that is more than any president has done since I was old enough to remember.

and if he is a Horse wanker, wow thats wierd, but I'm cool with it =P
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