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Politics Makes Strange Ba’athfellows

Monday, May 02, 2005

(SNN) Foreign news reports are reporting that Donald Rumsfeld attempted to cut a deal with Saddam Hussein. While several Middle Eastern and Asian sources are reporting the offer, it remains relatively unmentioned in European and American papers.

The alleged offer took place during a surprise visit by Rumsfeld to Iraq two weeks ago. According to reports, Saddam was offered his freedom and even a return to public life if he was to make a televised request to rebel groups for a ceasefire with coalition forces.

The implications of this offer are grave at best, and if it was truly declined might point to even worse news on the horizon. A refusal from Saddam means a high level of confidence from a man that most outside observers say will get the death penalty. Saddam may believe that he will somehow be able to win his day in court. Alternatively, he may think the insurgency will restore him to power. Or even more unbelievably, maybe Saddam is holding out for a more serious commitment from Rumsfeld.

Rumsfeld had an on-again off-again relationship with Hussein.

During the presidency of Ronald Reagan, Rumsfeld had an on-again off-again relationship with Hussein. During that time, Rumsfeld had many personal rendezvous with Saddam. With the invasion of Kuwait the two called their relationship quits for good and there seemed no hopes for reconciliation.

Now it seems that Rumsfeld is trying to get back into bed with the deposed ruler. While the genuineness of the offer remains merely speculative, one thing is certain: Saddam Hussein is no man to have his affections trifled with. Whenever he has felt betrayed in the past, anyone disloyal to him has met with a firing squad. Donald Rumsfeld has often been characterized as a man who thinks with his heart instead of his head, but before making any offers for a more serious relationship, Rumsfeld should consider the implications of his proposal carefully.

Love the title.

Someone thinking in Government before making a dicision, now that would be news.

Personally if they are going to make a deal with Sadam, I think they should offer him a cyanide pill, and forget to put in the cyanide.
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