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International Organizations Hate the US

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

(SNN) For the first time in more than a half century, the Organization of American States has chosen a Secretary General that was not the first choice of the United States. The new Secretary General of the OAS is Chilean Minister of the Interior José Miguel Insulza.

very few know anything about the organization

The OAS was founded in 1948 with the mission of promoting democracy, defending human rights, and helping to establish markets based on free choice with minimal government interference. Beyond this, very few know anything about the organization beyond a few well studied high school government teachers.

The OAS has made a bold statement about the future of United States dominance.

As the most powerful member of the OAS, the United States has long been accused of using its clout to influence other nations. However, despite a last minute campaign of Latin American countries to support Mexican Minister of Foreign Affairs Luis Ernesto Derbez, the OAS has made a bold statement about the future of United States dominance.

It should be noted that despite this bold move against the United States, the OAS will lose very little political clout over their decision. First of all, they have very little political clout to begin with. And secondly, the member nations did not have anyone else to vote for, as the Mexican congress withdrew its support for Derbez’s candidacy.

Interesting. It seems the US is starting to pay for not investing in it's education system. India and China are quickly gaining much IT industry ground and going forward we could see a three-way partnership between India, China and North Korea in IT and world economy. India and China for outsourcing, China for cheap production of goods and guard-doging it's partners, and Korea to bully Japan and the rest of the world with threats of nuclear attacks. It's a brave new world.
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