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Family Will Sue for Underwear Pictures

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

(SNN London) We’ve all seen the pictures of Evil Incarnate in underwear. Today new information surfaces as the British tabloid The Sun confirmed that it had paid “a small sum” for the pictures.

The Sun confirmed that it had paid “a small sum” for the pictures.

The tabloid, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, would not identify the person that sold them the pictures. Sun Managing Editor Graham Dudman would not elaborate on the amount, but did say that it was over 500 British pounds ($900). The paper said in a statement. "The Sun is proud to run the pictures and we will be running more tomorrow."

While the pictures have been spread far and wide, attorneys have said the tabloid "and everyone who helped in showing these pictures" would be sued. The pictures in question show the subjects washing up, in underwear, robes and towels. Some have said the pictures are not offensive, as the subjects are wearing more than most people wear to the beach.

Some have said the pictures are not offensive

The Sun argues that many people want to see lesbian vampire schoolgirls in their underwear, but the Lesbian Vampire Schoolgirl Anti-Defamation League says otherwise. “Families of Evil Incarnate and her friends were shocked to see the nubile young goth girls without their black dresses and pale makeup, engaged in washing up and light petting,” said a spokesperson for the LVSADL.

President Bush said Friday that he has personally studied the photos, and he did not believe the photos would incite further anti-American sentiment.

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