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Reid Knows What America Wants

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

(SNN Washington, DC) Last Thursday, in response to the momentary defeat of the nuclear option, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid laid out a new agenda for Senate Democrats. While Reid’s speech was widely ignored by the press, even though he spoke to the National Press Club, the Nevada senator did make some interesting points.

Reid’s speech was widely ignored the press

Reid claimed that the American people were tired of the partisan squabbles of a polarized government. Reid then went on to blame Republicans for high gas prices, a sluggish economy, college costs, low wages, health care costs, the defense of Tom DeLay, Osama bin Laden’s freedom from captivity, and Starbucks.

Reid said that he and Ben Cohen had just inked legislation

Reid went on to iterate Democratic concerns, “Strengthening our national defense. Rebuilding our economy. Providing families with affordable health care. Making America energy independent. Securing our retirement. That’s our agenda. That’s America’s agenda.”

Also, Reid said that he and Ben Cohen had just inked legislation that would bring every man woman and child in America a free pint of “Chunky Monkey”. Reid then dared the Republican Congress to put the bill on the agenda and show the American people that they were willing to “begin to climb the hill toward a common politics of national purpose” so that everyone can enjoy the sweet taste of freedom and “Chunky Monkey”.

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