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Sunday, May 29, 2005

(SNN New York) An anonymous senior U.S. diplomat has told NewsBlog 5000 that there is still more to come in Kofi Annan’s role in the oil for food scandal.

According to the diplomat, who works closely with the UN’s chief diplomats, pressure is building to see a resignation from Annan. "It is possible that the Secretary General could, for the good of the organization, eventually offer his resignation," he said.

If this were to happen, the source says that Bill Clinton would be a likely successor to Annan. The U.S. official admitted that the possibility of Bill Clinton as the UN’s secretary general is still a long shot but is one being taken more seriously than in the past.

There is nothing legally standing in the way of Clinton becoming secretary general. He’s currently working as the UN coordinator of Tsunami relief. Also, it was originally Clinton that suggested Kofi Annan should take the UN position.

According to the diplomat pressure is building to see a resignation from Annan.

Furthermore, the Bush Administration has good reason to sponsor Clinton for the UN. Clinton has added legitimacy to the war with Iraq by giving it his blessing. Also, the former president has been very gracious in general to the Bush family. When he was initially touring tsunami stricken regions with former President Bush, he allowed the older Bush to sleep on the bed in their airplane while Clinton slept on the floor.

It remains to be seen whether Annan would step down. It should be noted that the Secretary General has become more and more troubled about the scandal. Annan has reportedly told staffers, "Only the U.S. press is interested in the matter." He insists that when he travels overseas nobody is as "preoccupied with the affair as they are in the U.S."

the Secretary General has become more and more troubled about the scandal.

Also, it is reported that Annan fears known swinger John Bolton’s confirmation to the UN. Annan fears that Bolton will put undue pressure on the Secretary General to have sex with many anonymous partners, a situation with which Clinton would be better suited to come to grips with.

While it is traditional that the US defers to other countries in the selection of a Secretary General, Clinton is quite popular within the UN. While it is Southeast Asia’s turn to choose a secretary general, it is quite possible that SE Asia will allow the vote to go to Clinton. This would also be seen as a stroke of luck to many other parts of the world that believe SE Asia will leverage control of the UN with its technological superiority with giant robots to silently take over the world.

Sheer genius!

We need NewsBlog 5000 to run for president in '08!
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