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Harry Potter Bad for Children

Thursday, July 21, 2005

(SNN) The news is barely settled down over Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The book has broken all kinds of records for sales, but the question remains is it suitable for children? In my opinion it is not. The following review contains some information from the books, so you may want to read the book first, however I do not suggest it.

The writing in this sixth installment of Harry Potter is abysmal

The writing in this sixth installment of Harry Potter is abysmal, the plot is puerile, and the situations absurd and nonsensical. I was amazed at how many mistakes the author made in writing the story. Do they not even have simple spell checkers at their publishing house?

Most of the scenes seemed gratuitous and unnecessary. Do we really need a three page description of Hermione’s breasts? Do we have to know about sex lives of house elves? Does the book have to spend fifty pages describing how Harry has sex with every member of the Weasley family, as well as nearly every female instructor at Horwarts?

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is no more than a cheap piece of pornography aimed at the youth market. This is not only irresponsible but damaging to the development of young people. Nearly everything in this book is offensive, from the Dursley’s incestuous relationship to the celebratory coed showers after Quidditch matches.

Adrian Chevelle, Senior Entertainment Editor

Update 1:
It turns out that Mr. Chevelle did not in fact read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, but a disguised piece of fan fiction entitled “Harry Potter and the Half Buggered Prince”.

Dear Ms. Chevall, publishers generally have no need for spell checkers, though Hermione or Harry Potter himself may have such a need. Sometimes publishers have SPELLING checkers, but they are completely too uptight to hire witches and pagans and Satanists and others who might need spell checkers. Sorry!

And BTW, you are not alone in believing that Harry Potter is bad for children. The Pope agrees with you.

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin
That Pope's got a hand in everything.
Yeah, I thought the entire Weasley Clan Orgy was a bit much too.

Actually, I read this front to back in a day and a half. It's definitely a dark book.
Now, if I am allowed to envision Hermione's book character as fleshed out by the movie's Hermione, then boo-yah. I love her tight little ass. Give me some KY Lubricating solution, and I'll make sure to leave her hymen intact.
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