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Women Drivers Cause Rape

Monday, July 04, 2005

(SNN Riyadh) On June 17th on Al-Majd TV, Saudi Cleric Dr. Abd Al-‘Aziz Al-Fawzan revealed that he had discovered the real reason why women are raped. It turns out that rape is caused by woman drivers.

Rape is caused by woman drivers.

Dr. Fawzan started his statement with a simple logical argument, “In conservative countries like Saudi Arabia – this blessed Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – which, Allah be praised, is the most conservative in the Muslim world, in which a woman maintains her honor, decency, and modesty – and she does not reveal anything – not her hands, her face, or anything – how can she drive a car?”

The cleric held heavy criticism for those that would let women drive, “They want to destroy society… and they want our society to be like other societies. They want it to be devoid of all values, morals, and modesty. They want women to go out on the streets all made up, like a harlot, with her face uncovered, like they see in the West.”

they want our society to be like other societies.

Then Fawzan drives home his point, “Even though they have permissiveness there, and any man can satisfy his desires outside of marriage… he's not satisfied with ten or twenty. Any girl he sees, who has certain features, he wants. If she consents – fine. If not – he rapes her.”

Dr. Fawzan’s views on driving go against more traditional reasons given for rape in society. In the past short skirts have been blamed as well as human nature, racsim, binge drinking, pornography and liberalism.

It is refreshing that after all these years Dr. Fawzan has been able to pinpoint the causes of rape. It did come as a surprise to many that rape only happened in western cultures. Because of Fawzan’s extensive research into the subject, we can now start a comprehensive rape prevention program in the United States. Due to Fawzan’s discovery, there are currently 3 bills in front of Congress to stop women from driving.

I get so horny when I see women drive, sometimes I just cant help myself.
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