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High Gas Prices Hurt Businesses

Monday, August 15, 2005

(SNN New York) The average price of gas in the United States passes $2.50 this week. These prices are not only hurting regular people at the pump, but also businesses.

Prices are not only hurting regular people at the pump, but also businesses.

The national average for self-serve, regular unleaded gas was nearly $2.5011 a gallon on Aug. 12, according to the nationwide Lundberg survey of about 7,000 filling stations. This is the third record high for gasoline this year.

Many do not think about the cost of doing business, but modern businesses are increasingly dependent of cheap gasoline. We interviewed Ron Howard, a computer programmer from Oakland, CA about how his work was affected by the price of gas. “I have managed to stay away from the pump,” Ron says. “I got permission to work from home.”

Ron is a member of an increasingly growing segment of the American workforce forced to work from home due to the rising cost of gasoline. He finds it difficult being away from his coworkers. “I really find it difficult to get any work done at all. Most of the day goes to waste.”

Without supervisors overseeing his every move, and only being let in on the most important of meetings has given Ron little to do. “I find an hour a day is usually enough to get more done than I ever did with a ten hour day at the office.” Without anything else to do, the remainder of Ron’s day is spent sitting around in his bathrobe, eating cereal, and masturbating to Sailor Moon. “It’s difficult,” says Ron, “but I have to do my part to relieve our dependence on foreign oil.”

Well, think of it this way...

Instead of him getting all his work done over a ten hour span, and WISHING he was at home masturbating to Sailor Moon Hentai, now he can, and get all of his work done...

I hear ya though, Dr. Maynard, it's a buck ten a litre here. Ridiculous.
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