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Iraq Ties to bin Laden Confirmed

Thursday, August 11, 2005

(SNN Alexandria) A piece in Newsweek has identified a citizen accused of ties to Osama bin Laden working within the new Iraqi government Ministry of Foreign affairs. But this is only part of this amazing story.

Hamdi allegedly delivered a satellite-phone battery to bin Laden in Afghanistan.

Tariq A. Hamdi is an Iraqi-born American citizen who formerly lived in the Washington suburb of Herndon, Va. Hamdi allegedly delivered a satellite-phone battery to bin Laden in Afghanistan. He is currently employed in the Iraqi embassy in Ankara, Turkey.

But the real story here is not the article itself, but the Newsweek Investigative Correspondent, Mark Hosenball. Upon seeing Hosenball’s picture it immediately becomes apparent that he is the perfect choice for the United States ambassador to the UN.

Hosenball has worked for Newsweek since November 2003. He has reported on numerous stories on terrorism and won the Ed Cunningham Memorial Award for best magazine reporting from abroad for Newsweek’s coverage of the war on terror, the National Magazine Award for General Excellence for its coverage of September 11 and its aftermath, and the White House Correspondents’ Association Edgar A. Poe Award for “excellence on a story of national or regional importance”.

But the most striking aspect of Hosenball is his thick and manly moustache, a monument that puts John Bolton’s milk moustache to shame. When you are competing with countries like Cuba, Italy and the Middle East, any advantage in the area of facial hair can be crucial. While Bolton’s silvery soup strainer takes one aback at first, it eventually becomes a testament to a man unwilling or unable to face himself in the mirror. Hosenball on the other hand is a man who could sit across from Ambassador Zarif of Iran and say, “You must stop your refinement of Uranium, or my moustache will eat your beard.”

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