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Dick Cheney Lies on Camera

Friday, September 09, 2005

(SNN Biloxi) Yesterday during a tour of Gulfport, Vice President Dick Cheney was confronted by an actual American citizen. The citizen then suggested to the Vice President how his time could be better spent. Vice President Cheney then lied to the CNN reporter interviewing him.

Cheney was discussing how good a job FEMA had done and how well accepted and appreciated the efforts of the federal government were by the people of Mississippi when the suggestion came.

From a distance, you could here someone yell, “Go f*ck yourself, Mr. Cheney. Go F*ck yourself.” The camera stayed on Cheney, but some type of disturbance could be heard off camera.

Go f*ck yourself, Mr. Cheney.

Then Cheney said to the reporter something that had to be a blatant lie. The reporter asked Vice President Cheney if he was “getting a lot of that”. The Vice President Responded, “First time I've heard it..”

There is obviously no way that Vice President Cheney is not told “Go f*ck yourself” several times a day, especially since the horrible disaster along the Gulf Coast. The only way that Cheney could not hear statements such as this is if he sealed himself away from common people in a bubble of narcissism. If the Vice President only showed his face when absolutely necessary, and then only to a select few, carefully vetted to not disagree with the Vice President or his policies…


Err, you forget. Vice President Cheney used those very same words to castigate Senator Leahey upon the Senate floor. So no bubble theorem needed to prove he was lying.

- Badtux the "Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney!" Penguin
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