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Hopes on the Rise for Katrina Victims

Monday, September 05, 2005

(SNN Washington) No one has been more hurt by the Hurricane Katrina than President Bush. While people wait in their attics waiting to be rescued and bodies still float in the streets a week after the evacuation was called, many believe that the federal government could have done more.

FEMA has been stymied at every turn.

In the defense of the federal reaction, FEMA has been stymied at every turn. While FEMA desperately tried to set up organization charts and determine whether there was an emergency, people kept bothering them by delivering supplies and showing up to help look for survivors. Even the Coast Guard tried to saddle FEMA with supplies that they were not yet set up to coordinate. Reporters kept crying about thousands of people trapped without food or drinking water. Jefferson Parish even went as far as to post armed guards to prevent FEMA from cutting their emergency communication lines.

To be honest, part of the President's problems stem from the fact that the administration has made some mistakes. Many were disappointed by the administration's "business as usual" attitude. Condoleezza Rice went shopping and went to a Broadway show during the height of the emergency. President Bush remained on vacation until the middle of the week, and then only made a perfunctory visit to the area. Vice President Dick Cheney remained on vacation, but many have theorized that he died a few weeks ago and is being kept in a freezer in the basement of the Whitehouse. And the Director of FEMA has gone on numerous radio and TV shows and shown an ignorance of the situation. In addition to this is the "let them eat cake" comment the president made, an affront to the citizens of New Orleans, many of whom are of French ancestry.

George Bush continues to be victimized.

But there is some hope for the victims. President Bush has rescheduled his next two weeks for Gulf Coast photo ops. While tens of thousands may be dead, the public will have forgotten all about New Orleans by the time any type of substantial body count forms. In addition, he has nominated the untested John G. Roberts to the seat of Chief Justice, a move weighted to enrage his opposition while solidifying his base by enraging his opposition.

Still, George Bush continues to be victimized. The African American community is charging the White House with allegations of racism. State and local officials keep attacking how the administration handled the situation. Soon President Bush will have to deal with the anger of the citizens who survived the ordeal, many who have lost their families and have nowhere to go. Senator Mary Landrieu is even threatening to punch the President. Even New Orleans Police officers are causing trouble for the President by committing suicide.

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