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Editor's Note - NewsBlog 20,000?

Sunday, September 25, 2005

This week marked yet another milestone for NewsBlog 5000. We had our 20,000th page view. I would like to thank our 10 or so regular readers and the thousands of people sent to our site searching for information on horse masturbation, robot sex and IKEA nuclear programs.

I would also like to highlight one of our fans, Miron Catana, who enjoyed our site so much that he hand copied it for his family in Moldova, who have no Internet. Sadly, after copying down every one of our news stories word for word, Miron took his own life. I personally arranged for Miron to get a Viking funeral, before sadly finding out that he was actually Eastern Orthodox. So if anyone happens to find a bunch of ashes floating down the Nistru River, I'd really appreciate it if they would send them along to Miron's familiy.

Ryan Maynard, Editor

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