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Friday, September 23, 2005

(SNN Washington) Rumors continue that President George W Bush, who boasts or remaining sober since his fortieth birthday, is drinking again.

The First Lady reportedly yelled, “Stop, George.”

The National Inquirer reports that First Lady Laura Bush caught George drinking after finding out about the devastation of hurricane Katrina. The First Lady reportedly yelled, “Stop, George.” The Inquirer went on to say that the President has been sneaking drinks for weeks, and that the First Lady to be his keeper.

While the National Inquirer is not necessarily the nation’s finest news source, stories like this cause one to wonder why our president seems to have a talent for falling on his face and running into things with his bike. One may also start to wonder if his manly swagger seems to be more and more of a stumble, or why he can’t seem to speak clearly anymore.

Most people don’t care anymore that Bush was once an alcoholic, or that he was using cocaine when his father started the War on Drugs, or that he hates poor people, or that he lied about starting a war, or that he worships the owl god, or that he can’t button a shirt or that he often has sex with his mother. But if the recovering alcoholic is again drinking, it could spell bad news for the entire country.

But what can be the worst that will happen if we leave the president to his bacchanalian orgy? If President Bush can run the country while drinking, his drinking would be no one’s business but that of his family and friends. In fact it is entirely possible that he will run the country better in a drunken stupor. He couldn’t do much worse.

He's such an asshole. They're all assholes. And this includes that asshole Barbara -- As Al Franken indicated, she is a mean bitch and Georgie is her little boy. Bastards. I hate 'em.
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