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Memory Problems Continue in Washington

Sunday, October 30, 2005

(SNN Washington) Long thought ended, the villain of the summer of fear in the nation's capital has returned. Once again, an important official has completely lost his memory.

An important official has completely lost his memory.

It all started last July. As then Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts could not remember that he had belonged to the Federalist Society. Then the nominee for U.N. ambassador, John Bolton, forgot that he went in front of the CIA and State Department to explain why the Bush Administration had used forged documents to justify the War in Iraq.

One of the many theories about what is causing this extraordinary epidemic of memory problems is the use of Methamphetamine. It is not known if Scooter Libby has been tested for Meth use. Another of the popular theories states that President Bush is a carrier for some sort of disease. However, this theory fell into disfavor, after the President was revealed to be the healthiest man on earth. Many still believe that the disease is communicable.

Special Counsel Fitzgerald has taken advantage of Mr. Libby's horrible disease.

Meanwhile, Libby's lawyers are quite upset that Special Counsel Fitzgerald has taken advantage of Mr. Libby's horrible disease. “We are quite distressed the special counsel has now sought to pursue alleged inconsistencies in Mr. Libby’s recollection and those of others and to charge such inconsistencies as false statements,” said Joseph Tate, attorney to Mr. Libby.

Libby has resigned for the good of the administration, hoping that the disease will not spread to others. However, if Mr. Fitzpatrick's probe continues, it may cause other high ranking administration officials to lose their memory, after being brought into contact with the possibly infectious disease.

that's awful; I hope I don't come down with that.
I am delighted that those evil assholes finally appear to be having their well deserved melt down.
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