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Lesbian Minister Defrocked

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

(SNN Beijing) Yesterday, the United Methodist Church defrocked an openly lesbian minister in Philidelphia.

the Methodist Church has been struggling with its sexual identity.

Like many denominations, the Methodist Church has been struggling with its sexual identity. The Judicial Council released the decisions after hearings last week in Houston. The Rev. Irene “Beth” Stroud of Pennsylvania was defrocked for breaking church law prohibiting "self-avowed practicing homosexuals" in the clergy. They did not however offer any method by which homosexuals could get better without practice.

But why did they nine members of the Judicial Council want to see Rev. Stroud naked? Men outnumber women on the Judicial Council 6 to 3. It is well known that heterosexual men have an unhealthy attitude towards lesbians, like a dog that keeps humping a table leg despite the lack of response.

Lesbians could have souls

As the Rev. Stroud stood naked before the leer of the Judicial Council, they had a good natured discussion about whether lesbians could have souls. However, during the discussion, Judicial Council members failed to hump any table legs, except, of course, Rev. Theodore Walter.

This reopens the discussion about whether or not homosexuals should hide their sexuality. In recent years, it has become quite common for lesbians to disguise themselves as men. Hopefully someday these brave people can openly admit they are gay women, but until then people like Rick Santorum, Herb Kohl and Pat Robertson will have to continue to hide their sexuality.

Additional reporting by Alice Humbees

Religion -- one of the most toxic forces on planet Earth.
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