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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

(SNN Topeka) New standards set by the Kansas State Board of Education have set a new science curricula standard for public school students. The curricula open the door to the teaching of intelligent design.

Creationism enjoyed massive popularity before the days of indoor plumbing, but was later replaced by science. The 6-4 vote is seen as a victory for creationists, even though the regulations don't require that the bible be taught in science classes. The newly approved regulations re-write the definition of science. They allow natural phenomena to be explained by means of the Supernatural.

But what other natural phenomena can be explained without the mundane and boring use of science. Through the use of the supernatural, many ordinary processes can be made extraordinary. Why go on and on about boring rotations of the earth, when you can learn that the Sun is actually pulled across the sky by the chariot of Apollo. Why learn about gravitational forces of the sun forcing planets into an orbit, when you can learn that long ago, the Sun and the Moon fell in love and got married. The next time you fly, you can be secure in the fact that instead of learning dull aerodynamics, the engineers who designed your airplane studied the methods of Daedalus, and you will be safe as long as your plane does not try to fly to the sun. Of course, your pilot may be tempted if he sees that chariot.

Supporters of the new standards insist their effort has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with Darwin. They merely have a few questions to ask. For instance, what if angels planted the fossils of dinosaurs during prehistoric times, 6000 years ago or were they lost on the Ark?

Jerry Falwell thinks the Dinosaurs died in the flood even though the Bible says all animals were on the Ark. So which is it, is the Bible right or is it wrong; you can't have it both ways.

In good news voters in PA voted out the republican dominated school board who tried the same thing.

Message: Kansas= stupid, Pennsylvania= smart.
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