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Editor's Note: Instigators

Sunday, December 18, 2005

We are now taking nominations for NewsBlog 5000's Instigator of the Year Award.

Nominate the person who you though caused the most useless news stories in 2005. Your nomination will be given points based on how much news they have caused. Bonus points will be given to for statements divorced from reality and other signs of derangement, but only for the nominee, not the nominator.

The mention of points above is, of course, purely metaphorical.

Karen Hughes.

Although she retired to "spend more time with her family" she now finds it OK to spend her days travelling around the world working with people who, in many cases, don't even speak her language and, who, generally, have no power.

I bet, with waterboarding, one could get Karen to say some interesting things about her time in the White House... and yet the press corps has never explored this angle, preferring to call her a diplomat and an ex-White House official who left on terms which might be called routine.
Robert Novak. He's just an asshole. Of all the assholes who have wasted news space in the last years, his assholery is the most boring, inane, and insignificant 'contribution' to the news. He's an asshole. The biggest asshole. But not a very interesting one.
The obvious would be Clown Shoes Bill O"Reilly, but that is too obvious...the person who caused the Biggest of a Jolt to the news is Brownie, and then there is Woodward who wormed into 2nd place.Honorable Mention to "Valerie Flame" Judy Miller Moment, but I guess Faux News should win for giving us 24/7 Kitty Litter Quality.

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