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Bush Urges Confidence in His Leadership

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

(SNN Nashville) President Bush said today that he understands why the nation has become anxious. He implored people to have confidence in him. "People are uncertain, in spite of our strong union, because of war, and I understand that," Bush said.

In his 57 minute speech at the Grand Ole Opry House, Bush reiterated his message from his State of the Union address. However, unlike the real State of Union address, people who disagreed with his ideas were not allowed to attend. In many ways, Bush's speech went even beyond his State of Union address. More comfortable in front of the less hostile and representative crowd, he even went as far as to invoke the name of Porter Wagoner.

Bush's strategy is risky but bold. By asking people to have confidence in him, he is much like the homely man who tries to show a hot chick that she is shallow by asking her if she would date him if he was better looking, worked out, and had more money. The president is essentially showing the American people how fickle they are by asking them if they would like him if he were a better president. But also in the President's speech is the possible threat that if people do not have more confidence in him, he will break the country even worse.

During the speech, Bush vigorously defended his wiretap policy. "Let me put it to you in Texan," Bush said. "Say the United States is a sexy farmer's daughter, and Al Qaeda is two slick Tupperware salesmen. You can imagine me as the farmer who has spent 10 times as much money on shotguns then on his daughter's education. While my daughter may be dumb, I'm just itching to use the shotgun. And I will do my best to make sure the Tupperware salesmen will not explode inside my daughter, even if it means listening to her phone calls." When the audience realized the president's analogy was over, they gave him a standing ovation.

I laughed out loud. Then I wept. He is such an incredible dumb asshole.
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