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John Lennon Asks for Peas in TV Seance

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Peas ... The Message is Peas." This is what a psychic and an expert in paranormal activity claim John Lennon wants to tell us from the grave.

The late Beatle's spirit made contact with them through what is described as an Electronic Voice Phenomenon(EVP). The EVP was discovered during a taping of a seance at La Fortuna restaurant in New York, which Lennon frequented. Wherever Lennon is, he is obviously hungry.

Yoko Ono declined comment.

Hmm. I seem to remember Lennon liked peas in real life too. Didn't he have a song that went something like, "All we are saying/is give peas a chance!". The Green Giant corporation musta had him on retainer!

-Badtux the Snarky Penguin
Good point, Badtux. But, remembering the business of his putting sanitary napkins on his head during one public and highly intoxicated and publicized occasion, I find myself wondering if we are not making an assumption that it was a "pea" 'p', as opposed to a . . . well, pee one. By the way, John Lennon was NOT AN ASSHOLE!
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