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Vice President Dies during Chinese President's Press Conference

Friday, April 21, 2006

(SNN Washington) The NY Times reports that Chinese officials were outraged over the White House accrediting a reporter who screamed at Mr. Hu from the stands, and mistakenly referring to China by the name of its archrival Taiwan. Adding insult to injury, Vice President Dick Cheney died during Mr. Hu's press conference.

While Hu went though the formalities of meeting with the President, it was made clear that the real purpose for his trip to America was to meet with Bill Gates of Microsoft and Wal-Mart CEO for procurement Lawrence Jackson. In addition, Hu expressed enthusiasm for a Toby Keith, "I Love China" tour.

The death of Vice President Cheney didn’t surprise the Chinese. The Vice President that died today is actually the fifth Dick Cheney to die in office. And as this article is being written, another Dick Cheney has been dispatched to the White House from Bethesda Naval Hospital, in Bethesda.

This last Dick Cheney is the shortest lived Dick Cheney so far, only surviving six months after the last Dick Cheney (IV) died after eating a waffle. Fortunately, this brings us closer to Dick Cheney X, who is reputed to have super powers.

Good one!!! (He's an asshole.)
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