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Benigan's Ad Condemns Homosexual Lifestyle

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

(SNN Plano) The Bennigan's restaurant chain has drawn a line in the sand to the homosexual lifestyle in a new ad about chicken.

Things you don't want to think about

Doing a Google Image Search for "Man Burger"

The commercial starts out with the phrase, "Tell your mouth to stop being such a pansy." So to start off, Bennigan's is suggesting that things homosexuals otherwise known as "pansies", do with their mouths is wrong.

The commercial then goes on to promote boneless buffalo wings. Buffalo wings are made out of chicken, or cock. So, Bennigan's is saying that you can have your cock, but just not the kind with a bone.

Then, in case a young impressionable homosexual had any doubt that Bennigan's wanted you to put chicken in your mouth instead of the cock of your choice, the commercial finishes, "maybe it's time to cheat on your favorite dish."

This gay bashing attitude is curious for a restaurant chain that removed the Wheelhouse burger from its menu. With its patty of fried cheese the Wheelhouse was perhaps the manliest burger ever made. Perhaps Bennigan's attack on homosexuals comes from its own self-loathing.

Jeez, do you have to look for a bash everywhere? Aren't there enough real ones to go around? Find a real problem instead of this insignificant make-believe quibble.
You're an idiot.
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