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Roy's Thought of the Day: Indecent in Cincinnati

Monday, May 15, 2006

Go to Cincinnati and attempt to be indecent using a tennis racket, twelve pounds of canned fruit cocktail, and a rubber balloon. Congratulations, you are in Cincinnati.

And don't you dare drop your cheap dollar store crucifix in your see-thru bucket of urine!
I've been to Cincinnati. The Rock and Roll Museum is located there -- pretty good museum. The airport is weird. Lot's of people live in big homes behind locked gates. Definitely a community of haves and have nots. Also, often smells really nasty.
My understanding is that if you are a woman and show skin anywhere between the top of your shoes and the bottom of your neck, you are prone to be arrested for indecency in Cincinnati. True?

- Badtux the Curious Penguin
An interesting question, Badtux. But I don't remember whether or not I completely disrobed at the airport there . . .
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