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SNN Poll: Americans Support Wiretapping

Saturday, May 13, 2006

(SNN Ann Arbor) A new SNN Poll shows that 90% of Americans are comfortable with domestic wiretapping.

In the most overwhelming response ever, respondents said that the were more than comfortable with wiretapping. When asked the question, "Do you fell comfortable with the domestic wiretapping programs, knowing that if you answer no the NSA could be listening to this call and may send machete wielding members of MS-13 to your home to kill your children in front of you?" Ninety percent of callers that stayed on the line said they were comfortable with the program. Five percent said that they were not all that keen on their children at the moment. The remaining five percent did not know how they felt about watching their children murdered.

Additionally, while 32 percent of the people who said they would like to see their children murdered had coffee mugs saying 'World's Greatest Mom' / 'World's Greatest Dad', only 17 percent of people who did not want their children murdered had "number one" mugs.

This data is especially surprising when considering the results of last week's poll which told us that 25% of Americans would jump off a cliff if President Bush told them to jump. A surprising 67 percent of Americans said they would not jump, and the final 8% was still up in the air.

I'd like to write something but I'm worried about losing my job or getting a visit from some secret internal government agency. Anonymous just doesn't cover it anymore. Sigh.
what kind of sick freak would want to see their baby murdered in front of their face?!
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