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CIA DeGossed

Friday, May 05, 2006

(SNN Washington) Today, CIA Director Porter Goss's resignation was accepted by President Bush. This has confused and upset almost everyone, including the White House.

No permanent replacement has yet been named by the President. However, Time Magazine is theorizing that Gen. Michael V. Hayden may be a possible choice. Others have suggested Deputy Director of National Security Mary Margaret Graham. In addition some say that Sean Hannity may have an opportunity at the position after the appointment of former Fox News Commenter Tony Snow as Whitehouse Press Secretary.

One thing is for certain about the nominee. There will be a tough confirmation process. While some House Democrats have vowed to make the process difficult, analysts say that Democrats should choose their battles better. No matter how hard you are on the nominee, it is not going to matter once they are confirmed. No one will ever know what the new CIA Director will do once he's in office.

Goss was appointed to clean up the CIA after no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq. Goss was charged with the job of purging the CIA of all the operatives that said the weapons did not exist. According to one member of the CIA, having so many CIA agents believe there were no WMDs produced negative waves and created the universe in which we live, where those weapons can not be found. It should however be remembered that the CIA has experimented heavily with the effects of LSD.

Still speculation continues on why Goss resigned so suddenly. Some say that his departure is part of Josh Bolten's reorganization. But others are saying it has something to do with all the hookers he was banging in the Watergate Hotel.

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