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Iraqi Minister Backs Iran

Saturday, May 27, 2006

(SNN Washington) After the bitter wars between their two countries, Iran and Iraq have joined forces against a common enemy, the United States. Minister Hoshyar Zebari of Iraq has supported the right of Iran to create nuclear fuel for peaceful purposes.

Iran's foreign minister, Manoucher Mottaki (left), ceded the larger water bottle to Iraq's foreign minister, Hoshiyar Zebari.

This is one of the problems with giving countries sovereignty. When you let them make their own decisions, they sometimes make decisions that you would rather not have them make. In this case, the decision is to back a program which many countries believe is the preamble to a nuclear weapons program.

It has long been argued that the United States is considering war with Iran. However, with Iraq being complicit with Iran's program, and the military of the United States being the main military force in Iraq, the United States will be put in the difficult situation of attacking a country it is rebuilding.

Many say a war with the United States military in Iraq would be devastating to the United States. The United States military will not only be fighting a force of insurgents, but also a United States military that has had time to firmly entrench itself in Iraq. And the US military in Iraq is a veteran force, tempered by years of fighting a brutal guerilla war.

In many ways, the War between US forces in Iraq would be very similar to the American Civil War, which pitted brother against brother. The Civil War cost the United States an unfathomable number of lives, but it did preserve the Union, which is now widely regarded as a bad move.

In this case, the war would be inexplicably fighting the Civil War in a desert halfway around the world. While this does not immediately make sense, it would save the United States from a fortune in property damage. Despite this, it may be useful to burn Atlanta, if for nothing else but for nostalgia.

Maybe the two countries could merge. Iraq + Iran = Iranq? Ira? No more problem!

Russia! You were a much nicer cold war adversary. Could you please become our enemy again?! This Middle East nuke thing is getting so messy. With you, we competed to develop absolutely GIGANTIC stockpiles of weapons. Now we spend all our time preventing a third world dictatorship from getting one measly nuke. It's embarrassing. Help us out!
I am sick and tired of this sort of negativism. Why to look always at the complications when there are positives to zero in? American fighting American would end this previous confusion where you don't know anything about your enemy. There certainly wouldn't be any problem in spotting the guy you want to shoot and besides now kicking him on the nuts would bring a wealth of a intelligence without costly and slow translation.
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