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Japan to man Moon by 2030

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

(SNN Tokyo) The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has revealed a plan to build a moon base at an international conference in Tokyo.

Under the plan, astronauts will be sent to the moon by around 2020 to start construction of the base. JAXA may start as early as next year.

JAXA is hoping to leverage Japan's success in giant robots to aid the mission. While the US led the robotics field early on by showing superiority with talking cars driven by men who did not exist, Japan has been quietly moving forward. Kept secret until recently because of Japan's constitution banning armed forces, some of Japan's "mecha" can reach sub-orbital range already.

A spokesman for JAXA confirmed that they are planning to push robotics technology even further. "Exploring a frontier is always a mission of science. In addition, space programs have the potential to create cutting-edge technologies, particularly in the field of robotics."

The European Space Agency plans a human flight to the moon in 2020 and China and India are preparing unmanned missions in the next two years. However, only Japan has announced plans to build a more permanent structure.

Once the base has been built it will be manned by a demure teenage boy and a large chested young woman, who will serve as his maid, teacher, and main love interest for at least 13 episodes.

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