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Schwarzenegger and Blair snuggle, will star in Terminator 4

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

(SNN Long Beach) Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tony Blair met at a global warming summit in California. The veteran actor was quite taken with Mr. Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger and Blair snuggle

Things started hot and stayed hot. Schwarzenegger, with an obvious romantic interest in Blair, offered Blair a job as a co-star in Terminator 4. Schwarzenegger then asked Blair if he wanted to snuggle.

Blair laughed, and said: "That's the best offer I've had. Actually, sadly, it's the only offer I've had."

The action duo also announced that they were going to join together to fight global warming. Blair favors some sort of international effort to stop pollution, while Schwarzenegger wants to blow it up. Many have rated these strategies as evenly effective.

Blair has said he will not stand for office in Britain's next general election, which is due before 2010 at the latest. But Schwarzenegger has made it clear that Blair will always have a place in his bed.

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