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Editor's Note: They have the bomb. So what?

Saturday, October 14, 2006

All week, I've heard liberals whining about how North Korea has the bomb. Well, it's all your fault. Clinton could done something North Korea for eight years, but instead, he chose to use diplomacy. So when Bush got into office and cut off negotiations like Clinton should have done, it was already too late.

But here's the deal. North Korea did not build an atomic bomb because they want to destroy us. North Korea built a bomb because they fear us. And North Korea should be afraid. Afraid of the American man.

On Wednesday night, Dave Duea of Milaca, Minn. was attacked by a bear and successfully fought it off. Dave said about the incident "I've had some big guys land on me in martial arts and stuff, but this was nothing like anything I've ever felt."

If an American man can kick the ass of a bear, what chance does a little dictator like Kim stand? Even his nukes are small by our standards. If Kim did fire his Taepodong at the US, some American Hero like Dave Duea, would probably just catch it and throw it back at him.

Although, Kim, if you are reading this, I would like to know where you get those sunglasses.

Sunglasses hell. I want to know who does his hair!
If I understand it correctly, all haircuts in North Korea must be state sanctioned. However, Kim has given himself special dispensation for his particular doo.
It's like I keep saying, we are surrounded by frigging idiots. I cut my own hair, I suppose it shows at times.
This is Dave Duea! That's a funny comment about me!
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