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Boy Scouts Celebrate Corporate America

Friday, October 20, 2006

(SNN Compton) The Boy Scouts have long been known as a paramilitary led by repressed homosexuals. However, modern scouts have to adjust to modern times, and a few scouts in Los Angeles are learning a new skill, how not to pirate music and movies.

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By participating in a curriculum developed by the Motion Picture Association of America, Boy Scouts can earn a merit badge featuring the international copyright symbol. But to successfully earn their badge, they have to identify the five types of copyrights and the three ways in which materials can be pirated.

Hopefully, earning merit badges for not doing things will open up a whole new area to scouts. Maybe someday, scouts will earn badges for not freebasing crack rocks and not picking up needles or even not following strange men into alleyways, but then that might conflict with the buggery.

Furthermore, Scouts can benefit from more forms of corporate sponsorship. How about the “Sony Style”, “Dude You’re Getting a Dell” and “Buying Genuine Hormel Meat Products” badges. There could even be a Best Buy, “Turn on the Fun” badge, but that might be confused for the buggery.

Some times I can't believe this stuff you find is real, but then i find it is! Well a harmless activity anyway.
unlike Boy Scouts apparently. ;]
And thought buggery was frowned upon in Scouting? At least, the Plumping merit badge taught one how to protect his pipes.
why is the state of Nevada is on the ban list? what about South Dakota?
We could no longer support Harry Reid, a man who is consistently caught doing things that are almost scandals. Nevada supports Reid again and again, thus we can not support Nevada.
that explains everything! thanks newsblog!

but, what about south dakota?
South Dakota has my respect for removing Tom Daschle from office.
ha ha. I hate south dakota for fucking with women's reproductive rights. evil south dakota.
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