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Editor's Note: Harry Reid's Misdeeds

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More and more evidence piles up against Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. We now have unconfirmed reports that during the 2004 campaign season, Reid spit on a sidewalk in Las Vegas.

Reid's malfeasance has been well documented over the past year. While the deal was entirely legal, Reid filled out the wrong paperwork, not a trivial matter.

Furthermore, Reid tipped employees of his condo association out of the wrong account. His lawyers said it was legal, and upon finding out there was controversy, Reid immediately repaid the campaign account to remove the appearance of impropriety, but other people say it wasn't legal. These tips added up to over $3000. This is also a non-trivial matter.

Last year in another non-trivial matter, Reid accepted complimentary boxing tickets from the Nevada Gaming Commission. Reid had no reason to receive those tickets except as a bribe, and due to the fact that he was a former commissioner and boxer. Following his typical modus operandi, he acted like paying for the tickets would make everything better.

While all of these matters are trivial and do not add up to a scandal, they are micro-scandals. If you have enough micro-scandals, they will add up to being worse than an actual scandal. In addition, Reid rivals have nicknamed him Dirty Harry. Can you really trust a man they call Dirty Harry?

Editor's Note:

The original version of this article claimed Reid was the Senate Majority Leader. There is only one possible excuse for this: time travellers. They live among us, and wish to alter our reality.


Can I be on your banned list?

I love the Colbert Report!!

Just a little tit for tat is all.

WAIT! maybe he's gay?
Never mind. He's a Democrat. Democrats can be gay. They can also cheat a little. Librels can be just as nasty as conservatives. But,they have no moral code. So, what do you expect?

I find all this nit-picking shit on both sides very annoying.
That's why conservatives never do anything wrong. And if they happen to attack gay people while being closeted homosexuals, that's just because they don't want to appear homophobic.

You have not offended me enough yet.

No worries though, you are on your way.
Senator Reid has enriched himself and his family at the expense of the people of the State of Nevada. This Senator is corrupt and it matters little if he is liberal or conservative. Corruption knows no political party it, only knows the name of individuals. Senator Reid steals from all of the people of Nevada. Land deals that enrich someone who claims ignorance of the fact is nothing more than a common criminal in an uncommon job.

While your argument makes not sense. I like the cut of your jib. That is entirely the point. Reid has somehow ripped off the people of Nevada.

It does not have anything to do with the fact that the transaction was completely legal.

He might have owned the land, but he did not technically own the land.

That is not just a technicality.
It is a technical detail.

He reported the sale of a property that he did not even have to report. That is a travesty.

And let’s not forget, Reid made a million dollars on a land deal in Las Vegas? Unpossible.

But he took money from his pocket and bought land. And he let his friend sell it. And the people of Nevada were robbed somehow.

He has the gall not to even blame it on alcoholism. Forget stepping down, he should be burned at the stake.

And every conservative article I have read has pointed out that the press is ignoring this issue. And they are right. When I read about it in the Time and the Post, they don’t mention that the issue is being ignored at all. A search of “Reid Land” on Google News only returns 1,420 results. If you compare that to the number of hits for “Bush War”, that is practically no coverage at all.
Trying to jusify the corruption of one person by pointing out the bad behavior by another does no good. The person you refer to for the purpose of obfuscating the discussion resigned his postion in Congress. With all the evidence that Senator Reid has against him he should do the honorable thing and resign his postion in the Senate. It is the only honorable thing he can do.

Then the former Senator can turn himself over to the Nevada AG's office a plead no contest and hope he gets a lenient sentence. It's a shame that a once great political party has pinned their hopes of success on such people as the very corrupt and vacant character of Harry Reid.
You are preaching to the choir. Reid should step down and admit to all the laws he has broken--which I am sure is an extensive list. We shouldn't even have to worry about these ethical grey areas that even the Republican dominated ethics committee has not bothered to investigate him on. In fact I think we should put together a spontaneous "riot" and got to his office demanding justice.
I agree with J G. All public officials should be held accountable for any infraction, no matter how minor or whether intentional or not. Using this new criteria, Mr.'s Bush and Cheney would be dancing out the door and to a rehab clinic. And Tricky Dick would still be kept alive just so could whip him on the hour.

Let's be practical here. Most politicians get confused. They are not bright men, just men needing an esteem boost (and women too!). Maybe all it would take is have a page hold his/her penis while watching a movie to calm everything down.

Or for citizens to be vigilant and not just a bunch of blog posting ass-knobs.

Texans For Responsible Drinking Water

I think you'll find that you have confused a Democratic Scandal with a Republican Scandal. A Democrat Scandal can be as simple as using the wrong fork at a state dinner or having the wrong people vote for you. To be really counted, a Republican Scandal must involve a paper trail, payoffs by the RNC, at least Two Murders, Big Tony, Little Tony, anal rape, talking witnesses, multiple beneficiaries, millions of dollars, hookers and denial.

But yes, both types of scandals are serious and whoever is caught in them should be removed.
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