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Bush Challenges Democrats to Eating Contest

Friday, November 03, 2006

(SNN Springfield) Today in Missouri, President Bush challenged Democrats to offer their plan for winning in Iraq. "They believe the only way they can win this election is to criticize us and offer no specific plan of their own," Bush said.

In many ways, this statement proves an earlier point the president has made. He does not spend a lot of time on the Internets, nor does he heavily use the Google. A simple Google search finds a handful of different plans being advanced by senior members of the Democratic party, including an official DNC plan. There are also hundred of calls from Bush and other Republicans to show them any sort of plan.

Encouraged by an audience of thousands of Republican loyalists, Bush said Democrats also lacked a plan for a host of other national security issues. “How do Democrats plan to fight the massive amounts of cannibalism in liberal universities? Truth is the Democrats can't answer that question," he said.

In addition, the President said that he could eat more apple pie and any member of the Democratic Party. “I don’t see any of them with pies, do you?” Bush asked the audience. “NO!” the crowd shouted enthusiastically. The crowd then began to chant, “Where’s the pie?” as the president ate a whole apple pie on stage.

Where’s the beef?
Traditionally beef is not used in Apple pies, hence the name.
Umm, it was a stab at humor. But my humor is often misunderstood it seems.
No, you were right the first time. The Democrats have no plan for finding the beef.
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