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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This morning, I was so distraught over whether the House will issue subpoenas to Alberto Gonzales and Harriet Myers, two of the nation’s leading legal minds, that I let my driver actually drive me to work.

I have a television with an HD satellite in the back of my uparmored humvee, and I was moved by what I saw on A&E, the Arts and Entertainment channel. They were playing a rerun of my favorite television show “24”.

Now, I’ve never been a great fan of art. Most art is un-American and most of the artists who are American are gay. Now that has changed. It is impossible to even consider that a homosexual could work on “24”.

Now that I know that “24” can be considered art, I am planning to judge all art on how many people are killed and tortured. Take that Leonardo da Vinci.

I was so pleased with seeing the show, that I forced my driver to drive for an hour in a Southwesterly direction, to get the best dish reception.

Dr. Ryan Maynard, Editor, Newsblog 5000

Do you really own a Humvee?
I've never seen that show. I'm generally not interested in TV art.

It's tainted by the Man.

I like book TV when it comes on C-span on the weekends. You can hear some really cool stuff there. Easily The most interesting & mind engaging information on the tube.
The number of people killed and tortured is certainly one fine standard by which to judge whether something can be considered "art," but by no means the only standard. What about the number of boots planted in the asses of various unidentified-but-presumed-sinister foreigners? On that criterion, I deem Toby Keith to be the apex of American art. And we know he's absolutely, positively, 100% not gay (homoerotic solder and cowboy imagery notwithstanding.)

Therefore, I insist upon my constitutional right as an American to see Toby Keith concerts on A&E.
Every American should have a Humvee painted with various murals purple mountains majesty.

Please refrain from discussing Toby Keith. He is banned here.
I didn't ask if every American should have a Humvee. I asked if you have one. Do you think that American's are special?
Oh.My.Gawd. I see where EVERYONE'S least fave troll has found you & set up shop.
Now I want to know one thing. Why are you dissing GOP porn?
Actually my least favorite troll is Troll Kalla Mik from Skáldskaparmál. I've always found her statement: Troll kalla mik tungl sjötrungnis, auðsug jötuns, élsólar böl, vilsinn völu, vörð náfjarðar, hvélsvelg himins hvat's troll nema þat? to be filled with hubris.

Seriously, hvélsvelg himins? Get a life Troll.
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