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Man starts second blog about his cat

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

(SNN Champlain) Does Illinois cat, Mr. Fitzie rate two blogs? His owner and Executive Producer, Henry Rockfeller says, “Yes!”

Henry J Rockfeller, Jr. started his popular blog, “Mr Fitzie’s Thoughts”, in December of 2004. Not only had the blog been successful, but now, Rockfeller says it’s time to expand.

“I’ve always enjoyed writing down Mr. Fitzie’s thought and observations on life, but lately, I’ve thought that it’s time for Fitzie to use his celebrity for more important things. This caused a bit of confusion for readers who were more focused on mousing, drinking from the toilet and spraying oriental rugs. ”

The new site, Mr. Fitzie’s week in review will present the cat’s feeling about hard hitting news issues, such as the War on Terror and Guest Worker programs. Rockfeller says he is enthusiastic about where this could take Mr. Fitzie.

“Fitzie’s a Libertarian at heart, even though he voted for President Bush in the last two elections. Now he’s re-examining his decisions and beliefs. It should make for compelling reading. “

However, some cat enthusiasts say that Rockfeller has been putting words in Mr. Fitzie’s mouth. “I don’t think the real Mr. Fitzie cares about John McCain’s trip to Iraq,” says longtime reader Marge Blatasts. “Seriously, Mr. Fitizie drinks out of the toilet. Should we listen to his opinion on body armor?” says reader and inmate Fred Hersh.

Mr. Fitzie has recently caused controversy with his support of Don Imus.

I, I don't even know what to say about this thing with the cat. It's confusing -- why would the cat support Don Imus?
Obviously Fritzie is taking lessons from Pissed Off Patricia's cat Phred.

And yes, both Mencken and Fang prefer drinking out of the porcelain water bowl in the bathroom rather than the plastic one in the kitchen near their food bowl. They insist that I should quit using their porcelain water bowl as a toilet. Unfortunately my apartment has no other facilities for human defecation and urination and I refuse to use their cat box for that purpose. Private property seems to be a foreign concept for cats.

- Badtux the Cat-blogging Penguin
Well, the cat's in the toilet now. Imus The Evil just got canned!
And Balless Bob is thrilled.
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