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Friday, March 30, 2007

(SNN Washington) This week, President Bush performed a monologue for the Radio and Television Correspondents’ Annual Dinner. However, at some point during his preparation it is believed that the president became confused on what constituted a monologue.

Below is an excerpt of the president’s performance.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, Brian. Laura and I are happy to be here. I'd like to thank the Radio and TV Correspondents Association for providing dinner tonight. And I'd like to thank Senator Webb for providing security. (Laughter and applause.)

I'm glad to see everybody here is enjoying themselves. Don't think I haven't noticed all the drinking that's been going on. (Laughter.) In my State of the Union address, I said we needed to increase the use of ethanol. (Laughter.)

Well, where should I start? I come from the "down there" generation. That is, those were the words-spoken rarely and in a hushed voice-that the women in my family used to refer to all female genitalia, internal or external (Stunned silence.)

It wasn't that they were ignorant of terms like vagina, labia, vulva, or clitoris...

As a kid, I recall hearing the word 'pussy' a lot. But not from my parents. I don't recall my parents ever talking about any of that stuff.

Anything I knew or heard at the time was heard on the streets.
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