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Obama may be black after all

Friday, March 23, 2007

(SNN New York) Sen. Barack Obama was recently reunited with the closest of his childhood friends: a black man.

While it may not be significant that Obama has a black friend. His black friend, Keith Kakugawa, was just released from prison, has had drug problems and lives in a car. Mr. Obama declined to be interviewed about the conversation but said in an earlier interview that he recently became aware that Mr. Kakugawa had "serious issues."

Mr. Kakugawa claimed he had no idea that Sen. Obama was running for president until he saw him on television. "My father woke me up one Sunday morning and said, 'Barry's on TV!'"

Sadly, Kakugawa does not even own the car he lives in, but is borrowing it from a friend. It is parked just a few blocks from Skid Row.

Skid Row is an American Heavy Metal band. It is considered a forerunner to 1980s hair metal bands. Their hits include “18 and Life”, “Monkey Business” and “I Remember You”

Can anyone remember "Billy Beer"?

How much did you have to drink before posting that?
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