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Nine of Ten say no to Text Driving

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

(SNN New Brunswick) Nine out of ten Americans believe sending text messages while driving is as dangerous as driving after having a couple of drinks.

The tenth person surveyed was Arlo P. Hasenpfeffer IV. In addition to allowing texing on the highway, Arlo believes in arming felons, putting corn syrup in the drinking water, and banning dentistry. In 2004, Arlo voted for President Bush because he wanted to “Punish the World.”

The state of Washington in May passed the first ban in the United States on texting while driving and at least six other states including New York, California and Florida are considering similar legislation, Pinger said in a statement releasing the survey results.

Hal Turner, a spokesman for the Texters for a free America, a libertarian rights organization also said, “You can have my blackberry when you pull it from my cold dead hands, literally.”

texting is a cheap way of communicating especially using peekamo, but for heavens sake dont do it while you're driving.
"The state of Washington in May passed the first ban in the United States on texting while driving."

Really? I didn't know that and I live here. I guess that local young girl with too many beers in her didn't know it either, as she drove into a river with five other young people in her car as she was texting.

She lived, some of them didn't.

Good law, now try to enforce it.
hello. I am a high school student so texting is very common with me and my friends. However i do not drive. Many of my friends drive though and i never see them texting while driving.
It is indeed not good for someone to text while driving so i will have agree with saying no to it.

It is also not good to drink and drive. It could have similar consequences.
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