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Old Hippie Terminated

Friday, July 22, 2005

(SNN Houston) Oak Forest Elementary School fired 79 year old hippie crossing guard, Frances Light, for refusing to take a drug test.

The useless hippie refused a random drug screening, which in the eyes of the school district constituted a positive. "It hit me the wrong way. I'm old, old-fashioned,” the old crack head said.

The useless hippie refused a random drug screening

The pill popper Light expected special treatment because he had been with the District for 16 years. "I got to think as long as people know me, long as I've been doing this, then they want me to take a drug test kind of made me mad," he continued.

So now Houston elementary students can feel safe that they are kept safe from the acid dropping madman. Parents said they would miss Light's presence at the school intersection, where they were probably buying meth from him.

Yeah! Fuck him!
Remember, what counts is not how good a job you do. Nobody cares how good a job you do. No, what REALLY counts is whether you piss into the jar and whether your piss is the right kind of piss. Piss, not performance, is what modern-day America uses to judge whether you're a worthwhile employee or not.

- Badtux the not-druggie Penguin
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