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Afghan Riot after Roundup

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

(SNN Bagram) Today, more than 1000 Afghans tried to break down the gates of a U.S. base. Afghan troops fired into the air and beat back the mob with clubs.

It is not immediately clear if there were any casualties

It is not immediately clear if there were any casualties in the melee outside the base’s main gate. Protesters shouted “Die America!” and burned tires. An AP reporter was hit with a stone and an AP photographer was punched in the stomach. Eyewitnesses say that American troops also fired warning shots at the crowd, although the military denies it.

Tensions are high, as the weather stays in the high nineties. Apparently, the local community was enraged when they heard that U.S. soldiers had ice cream and were not going to share. "We have supported the Americans for years. We should be treated with dignity," said local resident Shah Aghar.

Protesters shouted “Die America!”

The protestors believe that Americans should have consulted authorities before rounding up all frozen confectionaries during a manhunt for four "dangerous enemy combatants". They are breaking into our houses and offending our fudgesicles. We are very angry," said another local resident.

Correspondents say it was the biggest protest in the country since 16 people were killed and scores injured in the “Diet Pepsi with Lime” demonstrations in May.

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