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British Unable to Deal with Terror

Sunday, July 31, 2005

(SNN London) After a massive manhunt, the suspected July 21st bombers have been apprehended. However, it looks as if there may be a third terror cell in London, planning to attack again. During all of this, the British remain calm and go about business, leaving the rest of the world to wonder what they are thinking.

they don’t have any respect for terrorists at all.

It’s like they don’t have any respect for terrorists at all. The full extent of what the average British citizen is doing in anticipation of new terror attacks is going down to the pub and complaining that they might have to spend another night in the city. While there has been an increased amount of police presence, the London police are completely unprepared. Of the more than 6000 police patrolling London last Thursday in the largest security exercise since World War II, half of them were forced to go unarmed.

Even the most pessimistic British just see the thought of more terrorists as a job to be done. A member of Scotland Yard’s firearms unit, which captured three of the suspected suicide bombers in two raids in west London, said “What we did on Friday was just the tip of the iceberg. There is some big stuff coming in the next few months. There’s a big network that’s got to be cracked.”

Friday was just the tip of the iceberg.

Lizzy Morris works in the city as an executive assistant and tea lady. What asked if she was afraid of another incident she told us, “Well, I went round to my grams the other day, and she said that it was nothing like the Blitz. She says that they had to huddle underground in the dark, and a lot more people died. If she was able to get though, I think I can make it. She’s like ninety. Sure, you know, it’s like sad that some people were hurt. But last time they closed the tube, I snuck back into the office, on account of all the hotels were full, and I hooked up with that cute Rob from accounting. We did it right on Mr. Lewellen’s desk. Wait, you’re not going to print this, are you?”

It’s like the British are not serious about being afraid. If they refuse to empower the terrorists through their blind fear and panic, the terrorists may loose interest in them completely.

You mean they aren't having little strips going across the bottoms of their televisions announcing the "Terror Level"? They aren't having a state of paranoia throughout the entire country which begins at the top of the government and seeps downward? They aren't enacting a million new laws to curtail the freedom of everyday citizens? What's the matter with those English people?
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