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Rave Video Disappoints

Sunday, August 28, 2005

(SSN Salt Lake City) About 60 people were arrested Saturday night at what police called an illegal rave in Utah. Swat team came in and beat young people into submission over what now looks to have been a simple misunderstanding about the filing of permits. Police and event organizers are still arguing over whether or not the rave organizers had sufficient permission to hold the party.

The police might have overreacted in their response

Many who have seen the video say that the police might have overreacted in their response to a bunch of skinny kids listening to lame music. Actually, the handling of the rave by the police would probably have seemed excessive in Iraq. Perhaps the scene of camouflaged men with assault rifles, helicopter support and tear gas might make more sense in a crowd control situation there.

There should have at least been some young girls flashing their breasts.

Actually, the video is rather disappointing. According to what I have learned about raving from syndicated dating programs, there should have at least been some young girls flashing their breasts. I know this is Utah, but come on. All we really got to see on the video was some of that crappy DJ stuff and a skinny girl being kicked in the stomach by police while being eaten by their dog. Really, was it even worth the time of the kid who grabbed the video camera and ran while the police were taking down the cameraman?

This just goes to show how important it is to have all the proper permits. Remember, the next time you have a large get together, file all the proper permits. Otherwise, the swat team might come and beat the crap out of you. It is, however, too bad that Utah doesn't have a better way to deal with cases of a missing permit. Maybe a hefty fine would be more suitable.

What the hell!

The real problem is that the paramilitary nature of America's SWAT teams. They have all the toys and pretty costumes, but no where to go. So at the simplest excuse, they get dressed up and perform their mass Rambo masturbation at the detriment of the citizens.

Watching the footage reminded me of some the early thirties footage of the Nazi's doing the beer hall thing and breaking up opposing political party rallies.

I think every SWAT team member that participated in that raid should be charged with treason and executed.

God Save Our Secular Independence!

Dr. Stanislaw
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