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Senator Denies Coingate Involvement, Probe

Saturday, August 20, 2005

(SNN Canton) Things are looking bad for Ohio State Senator Vrong. In addition to allegations that he was heavily involved in voting fraud and the Coingate scandal, now Jessica Adams, a senior female staffer has come forward saying that Vrong repeatedly probed her while promising promotions, gifts and raises.

The allegations against Vrong started back in 2004. The first reports that Senator Vrong had used mind control during the 2004 election to influence votes, while being generally ignored by the mainstream media are laid out in the investigation into voting irregularities by Representative John Conyers Jr.

Then in June, it came out that Sen. Vrong was heavily involved in Coingate, the scheme to invest public dollars into rare coins that lost millions in state money. During that time, Vrong supposedly sold Ohio $230,000 in Andetian Oolongs, which are entirely worthless outside the constellation of Orion.

Vrong supposedly sold Ohio $230,000 in Andetian Oolongs.

Finally, there are the probing allegations. Since Adams has come forward, many inside the upper echelons of the Ohio government have also come forward, including Attorney General Jim Petro.

But things are not so simple in politics, and Vrong, who comes from a highly conservative district, may very well keep his seat. We talked to Vrong’s constituent Gerry Klam. “Well, Senator Vrong says that he want to enslave the human race and take us back to his planet to work for 100 generations, but I don’t think I can bring myself to vote for a Democrat,” Klam told us.

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