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GM Exec Says Something about Coal

Sunday, October 02, 2005

(SNN Detroit) After a successful season for Toyota's hybrid vehicles, General Motors has announced a new emphasis on alternative energy vehicles.

Toyota is now widely considered the auto industry's technology leader

Because of Toyota's hybrid superiority, the company is now widely considered both the auto industry's technology leader and a friend of the environment. GM, on the other hand is considered a company that makes cars for old people.

GM executives have been wary of hybrid technology, mostly because they have no idea how to make it work. But now, they have decided the time is right. Robert Lutz, GM vice chairman, says that GM is "pouring on the coals" on the development of hybrid vehicles.

GM is "pouring on the coals" on the development of hybrid vehicles.

While GM has express enthusiasm towards the project, it still remains unknown if a gasoline, coal hybrid will work. One of the biggest problems with the gasoline, coal hybrid would be the need for the driver to "stoke" or shovel the coal into the engine while they tried to drive the car, put on makeup and talk on the phone.

Lutz went on to say that the reason GM tended to fail horribly was that they were just too darn smart, but customers were to dumb to buy them. "In the past, (GM) produced a lot of very excellent vehicles but somehow they didn't excite anybody," said Lutz. "I think our approach was much too rational and too analytically driven."

I understand that William Bennett suggested that GM also sell a "colored fella" with each car to shovel the coal.
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