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President Has Late Night

Saturday, November 12, 2005

(SNN Buenos Aires) President Bush is reportedly quite unhappy with last week's summit in Argentina.

Not only did the president have to see protestors, but many of his trade proposals were not swallowed whole by other countries. But worst of all, the President was forced to stay up for dinner.

The state dinner did not start until 10 P.M. and this reportedly made the President very grumpy. The POTUS refused to eat anything other than spaghetti-Os and stuck out his lip when Argentina's Nestor Kirchner suggested that the President should eat what was in front of him and be grateful.

In addition, the President made several statements to the fact that his rag doll cowboy "Little Dubya" would be lonely if he didn't get to bed soon. The President later calmed down when, over an encrypted satellite phone, Dick Cheney read him a bedtime story.

And the best news is that his approval rate is down to 30%, as of this morning. The asshole.
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