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Good Night, Good Luck, Good Gracious

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I just got done watching the liberal George Clooney's anti-Republican propaganda piece "Good Night and Good Luck". I found it to be an uninspired piece of fiction set in a time in America's history remembered for its faith, values and Arnold's Milwaukee Fried Chicken.

The story surrounds the battle of two historically fictional characters, a CBS newsman and a Wisconsin Senator. The plot is a basic morality tale of good and evil. The Senator Joseph McCarthy is overstepping his authority as a Senator and holding an anti-communist witch-hunt. The valiant newsman has to come to the rescue and make a stand.

From the suggestion that civil liberties are important to our way of life to the suggestion that the government can not punish people without proving their case, the whole story is nothing but a thinly veiled shot at our current republican party. Everyone knows that something like this has never happened in America, and to make up tales like "Good Night and Good Luck" just shows nostalgia for the pre-911 way of life. Perhaps the most unrealistic bit was when they proclaimed that people watching Murrow's biased news stories approved of his leftist (or as they would call it 'pinko') attitude.

This unrealistic tale of abuse of government power is just another story of Hollywood's liberal elite trying to make us apologize for being real Americans. They want to re-write history to make us think people like Sen. McCarthy actually existed. Lest we not forget that everybody liked Ike. I think Mr. Clooney should be ashamed of himself for making those that abuse civil liberties to protect our freedom look small minded and opportunistic.

In a related story, I hear that today published all 279 photos and 19 videos from Abu Ghraib prison. By refusing to keep secret our government's brutality, Salon is doing nothing more than inciting Muslim hatred and violence. It is every American's responsibility to remain ignorant of any brutality or hypocrisy of our government.

Adrian Chevelle, Senior Arts and Technology Correspondent

Hey, good point. And did you see Boston Legal Tuesday night? They brought up some of the same points but did have the courtesy to indicate to the American public that it's just a television show.

My friends, I am deeply concerned about what is happening in our country. We are in the hands of knaves, thieves, liars, and opportunists. And, it goes without saying, assholes.
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