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Saturday, May 06, 2006

(SNN New York) An article printed in last week's Sunday Times claims that some expectant mothers are planning to induce labor so that they will not have their children on 6/6/06.

According to the Times, the danger of the date was discovered by a British self help group that exchanges tips on parenting. But the dangers of babies born on 6/6/06 is well known. For instance Hitler was born on 6/6/1906. Also, Charles Darwin, who many Christians consider an anti-Christ, was born on 6/6/1806. In addition the San Fransisco Earthquake happened on 6/6/1906.

However some mothers may be looking forward to a delivery date of 6/6/06. Their enthusiasm comes from a phrase from Milton's "Paradise Lost", published in 1666, and later adopted by heavy metal fans says "Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven." Coincidentally, this was a favorite saying of Gerald Ford, born 6/6/1906. However, these expectant mothers should be warned that it is a real possibility that the devil baby will rip its own way out of her womb, like in Aliens.

While not all babies born on 6/6/06 will turn out to be devil babies. However, an expectant mother should be careful if the baby was conceived during a black mass or by Jack Nicholson.

Hitler was NOT born on June 6th. He was born on April 21st. Check the library.
All of you are dumb, where do you get these dates? Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889. 4/20/1889... nothing close to a 6-6-6 birthday... ignorant people.
Hitler was born 4/20/1889. Darwin was born 2/12/1808. Gerald Ford was born 7/14/1913. Paradise Lost was published in 1667.

Are you fucking high or something?
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