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Minutemen Installing Fence

Sunday, May 28, 2006

(SNN Palominas) While President Bush is sending National Guard troops to the border, the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps does not think that is enough. They plan to build 10 miles of fence along the 1,951 mile border with Mexico.

A minuteman searches for easy to penetrate spots in the fence. He knows the fence wants it, the little hussy.

The fence will aid people like Rancher Jack Ladd, a presumably real person with a name which might come from some kind of Dickens story. Ladd says that he has spent the last 10 years trying to get the government to build a fence between Mexico and his ranch. Ironically, in 10 years, he probably had plenty of time to build the fence himself. Seriously, he's a rancher. If ranchers can't build fences, what good are they?

The main feature of the fence is that it is very short. It is similar to the kind of fence used on ranches to stop four legged animals, but allow humans to pass. Originally, the Minutemen spoke of building a much taller fence, and even digging a pit in front of the fence. Unfortunately, they discovered their plan was really expensive and would take a lot of work without cheap immigrant labor.

While some have pointed out the fence in Arizona is only waist high, it has features that many waist high fences do not. Each fencepost is topped by a miniature American flag. If Mexicans see the fence from far away, the little flags may make them think that the fence is further away, but much larger. In addition, the Minutemen may be considering making miniature replicas of themselves, to enforce the optical illusion. In addition to warding off Mexicans, this strategy would also prove useful if Headly Lamar were to try to take over their town.

There is a historical precedent for using 3 foot high fences to protect borders. According to legend, Medieval Okinawa was once attacked by the Island of Lilliput. With their Pat Morita style martial arts and very small fence, the Okinawans were able to stand off the Lilliputians. Lilliput gave up on warfare and went on to establish trade relations with all of Southeast Asia. It is theorized that Asians are on average shorter then people in other areas of the world due to interbreeding with the Lilliputians.

I found you page while googling for articles about those misguided pussies. They are wasting the press coverage on the wrong tactic to get the beaners south of the border with that fucking farting dog.

What do you examine the real cause of pro-Mexican immigration sentiment!? If you can't figure out what it is, then think about a cute chihauhau. Yep, that would be our nation's addiction to cheap mexican food. Instead of wasting our time on fences and worrying about borders, we could be lessening the presence of Mexicans in America by the simple act of stop eating their food. Like cockroaches, they go where their food is. If we stand together as a nation and steel ourselves against all those taco and burritos, then we might be able to make them all return to south of the border where their food is. Americans should be eating American food anyway, saurkraut, hotdogs, tripe, souse, and cock (or is that French, you'd know, your the expert). So let's start the boycott today. And, when we are done with the Mexicans, we can move on to the Chinese. Stop eating their mooshoo goodness and they'll all go home too!

America, stand against the miscegenation of our food and our hog killing plants! Sound the alarm and get your ass on the farm!

I always believed that the reason for pro-immigration sentiment was the barbed wire cage match. Yes, professional wrestling in Mexico has always been years ahead of ours, where a simple cage was always considered sufficient. I remember one match in particular when the combatants were lowered into a barbed wire cage, and at the center of the cage was two bricks and a 20" rubber fist wrapped in more barbed wire. Of course, this just goes to illustrate how ineffective a fence would be. The fence the Minutemen are building would seem laughable to anyone willing to get into such a cage.

As for you interest in eating cock, I'll leave it to our resident sex expert, Alice Humbees.

While the eating of cock, or more accurately, cock sucking, has often been referred to as being a French activity, it is French in much the way that French Fries, French Dressing and French Kissing are French. It was actually discovered by the Dutch East India Company in 1652. By 1669, the company was the richest private company the world had ever seen, with over 150 merchant ships, 40 warships, 50,000 employees, a private army of 10,000 soldiers, and a dividend payment of 40%.
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