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David Blaine Disappoints Crowd

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

(SNN New York) Magician David Blaine fell short of his goal of setting a World Record for holding his breath underwater. Blaine was pulled from his tank at seven minutes and eight seconds. The stunt was televised on ABC.

Blaine was attempting to set the record for holding his breath while escaping from locked chains. In the lead up to the escape, Blain had spent the entire week underwater. Towards the end of the week, he had complained of pain, and doctors were recommending that he net attempt the feat.

But either Blaine's resolve was either too strong, or the paycheck ABC was offering was to great, and Blaine refused to give up. After the 100 minute introduction to the 7 minute stunt, one thing was clear: ABC is running out of ideas for things to put on TV.

Seriously, ABC, there are tons of TV shows that have not yet been remade. How about these beauties: "Even More Good Times", "Sanford & Son", "Mostly in the Family", a spinnoff of Night Court "Bull", and "Cheers:DUI".

Despite the emaciated state of Blaine's body and his inability to move the chains, he was rescued by specially trained divers. Blaine's survival was a great disappointment to both onlookers and TV viewers alike.

Is this supposed to be magic?

Cant he just stick to eating quarters?
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